How do I get involved?

There are many ways to get incolved with Central NJ DSA. One way is to join the national organization if you reside within Central NJ. You can join the national organization here! You can also join our Discord server and begin talking with your comrades. To join the Discord Server click here!

Does Central NJ DSA have events?

We have a wide variety of different events we host for members and also anyone of the public. To view our events head to our Calendar.

What can I expect when I join a committee / working group?

When you Join a committee or working group you can find people to organize with around a cause/topic you are passionate about.

Disability Solidarity

We are about disability liberation, disability justice, community access, and educating people on the realities disabled comrades face. Our fight for socialism is a fight for an inclusive society that leaves no one behind, and so we work to unite comrades and allies in our fight for liberation.

Disability Solidarity Committee Membership Form

We plan in between meetings on Discord. Our meetings are on Mondays at 7:30pm.



As workers, we must sell our labor power to survive-it determines our relation to production, and is the primary battleground for improving our conditions and changing the world. We have a number of ongoing campaigns at any time, are working with NNJ and SJ labor committees to exchange tactics and coordinate trainings and events and campaigns, and assist local unions, individual workers, and worker centers in their struggles at the workplace, as well as train our own members to organize their workplaces.

We generally coordinate on Signal and Whatsapp between meetings.

Research and Rhetoric:

We do research projects, statement and explainer writing, recruitment materials development, and have a few ongoing campaigns. A lot of the work is assisting in other committees’ work.

Our meetings are on Tuesdays at 8pm, and we coordinate on Discord in between meetings.

Mutual Aid:

Central Jersey DSA Mutual Aid’s primary goal is to provide essentials like groceries and hygiene supplies to community members in need, primarily through tablings at this time. A secondary goal is building partnerships with other organizations in Central Jersey who share our vision. Through mutual aid, we can better realize the collective power necessary to abolish systems of oppression by building a community of resistance to capitalism. We have garden projects, outreach to farms and coops and other projects going on.

Our meetings are 1st, 3rd, 5th Thursdays of each month, 6:30pm. We coordinate on Slack, and fill out this membership form to join.

Housing Committee:

We’re forming the Central Jersey Tenants Union, planning our outreach canvasses, and planning tenant organizing workshops. We still work in regards to forming local tenant association as well, and assist members and others on their housing struggles.

Newcomers are always welcome! If you’re interested in organizing your building or neighborhood, we can talk you through the first steps and support you along the way. Meetings vary timewise.

Political Education:

We bring in speakers like Jenny Brown, speaking on relevant social and socialist concerns (recently abortion). We also sometimes have reading groups locally, have done ones on books like Hammer and Hoe, or Critique of the Gotha Programme.

Meetings are irregular, reach out to Sudip on Band to join the discord.

Member Engagement:

Mostly to assist with bringing in new members and reaching out to old members, linking people with work they might be interested on; fill out the linked form to get involved.

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