Central NJ DSA Harassment & Grievance Portal

Welcome to the portal for all things HGO in Central NJ DSA. Here you will find information about the restorative approach and build skills to resolve conflict.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an HGO?

An HGO is an elected official of the chapter that handles member misconduct according to the national resolution 33 and member code of conduct. HGOs are trained in conflict resolutions and believe in the restorative approach.

Does Central NJ DSA have an HGO(s)?

Central NJ DSA has two elected HGOs who by blind secret ballot were elected by chapter membership to fulfill the roles set forth in the bylaws and build a healthy chapter culture.

How can I contact the chapter hGOs?

You can contact the HGOs using a secure form that only HGOs are able to access here. You may also email the HGOs directly at this address. The contact form is the best way to contact HGOs as it notifies them immediately.

What is the restorative approach?

The restorative approach is the way HGOs conduct investigations and determine the outcome set forth by the accuser (Person submitting grievance). We will strive to repair harm whenever possible.

What happens when I file a grievance?

When you file a grievance an HGO is required within three days to acknowledge receipt of the grievance and this is when the investigation has begun. You will be contacted by an HGO if you are accused of misconduct to provide a written statement that will be entered into the investigation and further follow ups will be scheduled.

Will my grievance be kept confidential?

HGOs are trained to keep all investigations confidential and any evidence submitted is protected under confidentiality along with who submitted the grievance and only required information like an anonymized report is given at the end of the investigation.

Contact HGOs

When you have a question or wish to file a grievance you can easily do so online. Click the button to the right.


  • How Do I Utilize An HGO
    When you are having trouble navigating relationships and dynamics or whether you have a grievance you wish to file, an HGO can help you. HGOs serve a specialized role with Central NJ DSA. If you feel you need an HGO to help with a topic you are facing please do reach out as soon as… Read more: How Do I Utilize An HGO
  • Harassment And Grievance Policy
    Central NJ Democratic Socialists (“CNJ DSA”) is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of gender, race, or class, to organize without fear of harassment. We aim to design a space that amplifies and protects marginalized voices by developing a policy for reporting grievances based on the harassment policy Resolution 33… Read more: Harassment And Grievance Policy
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