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What is a committee or working group

A committee / working group is an aspect of the chapter that works on a single or multi cause issue. Committees are formed from charters that dictate how and what the committee will work toward. For example our housing committee works on organizing tenant unions that help renters advocate for their fair housing and provide resources for tenants to organize eviction defense. We have committees of different causes that function within the chapter.

Housing Committee

The housing committee works to help tenants organize through unions which bolster security for tenants. This committee also trains people on forming a union.

Mutual Aid

Mutual focuses on the support of community through mutual aid practices and tables in the park for shared resources donated by comrades like you.

Operations Committee

The operations committee handles functions of the chapter and ensures we stay online. Managing online spaces for the chapter and ensuring operational security.

Membership Engagement Committee

Membership engagements works to ensure our members are reached out to and our list are always up to date. The committee also works on ensuring onboarding and recruitment of new members happen.

Labor Committee

The labor committee works to organize workplaces and ensure the people have the power not the capitalist exploiting their labor. Labor also focuses on training people to organize as well and ensuring people are educated on labor law.

Queer Socialist Committee

The queer socialist committee focuses on creating a safe space for queer members and also focuses on the education of queer topics to people who attend the events and queer mutual aid.

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