Welcome to Central Jersey DSA!

Central Jersey DSA is an autonomous and democratically organized chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Members of Central Jersey DSA are building democracy powered by everyday people. The capitalist class tells us we are powerless, but together we can take back control. Central Jersey DSA is currently working on projects including workplace organizing; tenant organizing; mutual aid; and disability solidarity.

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Recent Statements

Mar 10, 2023
Joint Statement from Central NJ and North NJ DSA

Central NJ and North NJ DSA respond jointly to the now removed Demcratic Left publication of Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway.

Dec 29, 2022
Endorsing & Enforcing Railroad Workers' Right to Strike

The Central Jersey Democratic Socialists of America chapter passed this resolution calling for DSA electeds to explain their vote on the rail strike bill (H.J. 100) and to endorse the right of rail workers to strike following its presentation at our December 2022 meeting.

Nov 5, 2022
Jackson Water Statement

Central Jersey DSA statement on Jackson Mississippi water crisis.