How do I add one event to the calendar?

The first step is determining if you will be meeting over Zoom or Discord. Once you have figured that out, you will need to follow the steps below.


Navigate to

Then Tap + Schedule Meeting

Fill out all of the required fields for your meeting. 

Then save the meeting. From there you will be given the meeting details. Copy the meeting link and save that link. 

Now head over to Discord. Find the events channel. 

Create New Event

If this event takes place on a stage, select stage channel; if it takes place on a voice channel, select voice channel; if it takes place over Zoom, select somewhere else. 

Copy the invite link from Zoom and paste that in the location field. 

Click Next 

Fill out your event details on the next screen then head to review and publish your event. 

From there, the automated system will publish the event on the Google Calendar, which will update all other systems except for Band. To manually add an event to the band, you must do so in the Band application. 

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